New Technology from ST Promising Superior Performance with High Data Rates

Published Date : Jul 29, 2015

STMicroelectronics latest technology called BiCMOS55 SiGe has now been chosen by the European initiative called E3NETWORK R&D in order to develop high capacity and energy efficient transmission systems for next generation mobile wireless networks. STMicroelectronics is one of the key companies operating in the global semiconductor market that serves consumers across the spectrum of power and automotive products and also several embedded processing solutions. Currently, ST products are found everywhere microelectronics tend to make an innovative contribution.

Networks that support higher data rates at greater capacities are required for the rapidly rising mobile data usage. This has placed new hurdles for backhaul infrastructure by elevating the transition to modern network architecture, for example, the Cloud Radio Access Network, Heterogeneous Network, and more spectrum is available to support faster data rate channels.

In order to construct these highly efficient mobile networks, manufacturers demand for high performance electronic components. These components offer large scale chip integration, optimized cost, and reduced power consumption. The initiative in Europe called E3NETWORK leverages this integration and advantages this new technology from STM. This technology is capable of providing Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor with around Ft of 320 GHz in the 55nm lithography. Furthermore, the technology enables the integration of a high frequency analog section along with the superior performing, dense digital blocks such as memories, AD/DA converters, and logic.

The European E3NETWORK project is designing currently an integrated E-band transceivers by leveraging the STM new technology for front haul and backhaul infrastructure. This will allow highly focused transmission called pencil beams, digital multiple level modulations, and data rates that are above 10 Gigabytes. By integrating the RD, digital and analog parts on an individual chip, the new technology from the STMicroelectronics will dramatically decrease the number of external components at the same it will optimize the power consumption.