Samsung New Feature Allows Consumers to Delete Pre-installed Apps

Published Date : Jul 29, 2015

Currently, Samsung is marketing programs that enable consumers in China to delete the pre-installed apps in the Samsung devices. According to Samsung, the consumers in China will be able to delete the apps that were pre-installed in the Samsung devices as Samsung had planned to offer software patches so everything would be done by the coming month.

This initiative from Samsung comes after this world’s leading smartphone manufacturer was sued by a committee aimed at protecting the consumer rights in Shanghai in China that stated the alleged involvement in blocking Samsung Galaxy mobile users in the nation from deleting applications.

Furthermore, the Samsung consumers in China have asked the firm to address issues regarding the storage of these pre-installed apps. For example the N9008S model that is known as Galaxy Note 3 in the country, Korea was targeted by this Chinese committee. In addition to this, the Note 3 Chinese version had a total of 44 pre-installed apps that were taking up a lot of space in the phone. Out of these 44 apps, around 24 apps were needed to be installed for the mobile device.

Hence, Samsung has announced to its Chinese consumers, that those who want to uninstall these apps can download the software patches. These patches are available at the company’s after sales sections. In addition to this, the committee stated that it had no imminent plans to let go of the lawsuit against this Korean technology giant. According to the committee, if the Korean phone company does not meet their own promise, then the legal matter will be continued and even expanded.

As a result, Samsung Electronics division in China said on their website that they will let their consumers to delete the unnecessary applications even from the new models such as Galaxy S6.