China Spring Teen Earns US$900 a Month from Pet Food Business

Published Date : Jul 29, 2015

Raelynn Rhodes, only 17 years old, is gradually becoming a success story for the world. Raelynn Rhodes lives on a farm located nearby China Spring. Recently, she appeared on news after she launched a line of pet food. This product line is named Hank’s Natural Choice Dog Treats. Customers from across 5 states have already placed orders for products including Large Bones, Hearty Hearts, Tiny Bone Bites, and Peanut Butter Puffs. All of these pet food products are made in Raelynn’s family kitchen and using simple ingredients. 

In a latest interview Raelynn Rhodes revealed that her monthly revenue has already reached US$900, and she has been investing all that she earns to better her business. Rhodes at present is planning to relocate her venture to a simple establishment away from home. 

Rhodes also said that she intends to attend Texas A&M University at a later stage of her life to study business administration or graphic designs. However, for now her priority lies with Hank’s Natural Choice Dog Treats, which was officially launched by her in May after she had received the license to produce dog food from the Department of Texas State Chemists. 

In her latest interview Raelynn Rhodes said that the regulatory processes that she had go through to obtain the license to produce pet food were rather lengthy and time consuming. She also said that she has written an essay on the government red tape for which she won award and because of which she also appeared on a popular show on Fox Business Network, hosted by John Stossel. 

Her venture has taught her the importance of pursuing dreams in life and not being let down by the discrepancies in the regulatory world, because if you follow your dreams, in the end you will surely win. Hence, one should never leave trying said Rhodes, who is home schooled by Brenna Rhodes, her mother.