Duke Energy Corp. plans to build Natural-Gas facility in Florida

Published Date : May 13, 2014

Duke Energy Corp. unveiled its plans on remaking power generating facilities in Florida, which included plans of natural gas-powered facility near its Crystal River facility, on Tuesday.

The company plans to propose its new plant near its Crystal River Energy Complex in Citrus County and this project is expected to cost $1.5 billion. 

Duke expects to start building the plant in early 2016 with its first 820 megawatts of power to come online in spring 2018. However, the second megawatts are expected to become online in December 2018, added the company. 

The new facility would be located adjacent to the Crystal River site, on 400 acres land and it expects to create 600 to 700 jobs at the height of construction. The plant itself will require 40 to 75 workers to operate. 

Duke is citing a couple of changes in the federal environmental regulations as it plans to retire two coal-fired units at the Crystal River complex after the plant becomes operational. The company already submitted thedecommission plans to federal regulators after it found some structural problems in the plant.

Nevertheless, the company also plans to retire three steam plants at its Suwannee facility after its two new combustion turbine generators once the plant becomes operational in 2016. Duke expects to spend $197 million to build the generators that are projected to generate 320 megawatts of electricity. 

Duke also plans to spend $160 million to add extra equipment to its Hines Energy Complex near Bartow. These additions will add about 220 megawatts to the overall plant’s 1,912 megawatts of generation.