Chinese Premier Encourages Science and Technology Breakthroughs

Published Date : Jul 29, 2015

The Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, Li Keqiang has highlighted advancements in key technology in China, earlier this morning. He calls for key technology so that more people initiate and invent sci-tech businesses and transform their talent into effective productivity. 
Speaking at a national symposium on Monday based on science and technology, Li said that China should persist on cutting red tape in order to achieve the set goals. Most of the obstacles that hold back innovation, creativity, and startups should be eliminated. Sci-tech administration should be improved to foster better work conditions for personnel and their research, he added. 

The country’s Internet Plus drive is stressed for effective digital infrastructure. Li encouraged many individuals and enterprises to contribute funds and their wisdom to this campaign. He added that China must develop a fair and open environment for sci-tech businesses. Talented minds with abilities to bring the change in the field of technology should be respected and encouraged. Moreover, guaranteeing of rights and interests of business startups and innovators must be respected too, added Li. 

Greater efforts to encourage innovation in science and technology must be served as innovation is the golden key for China’s development. All these promotions and efforts to drive science and technology to a different level are vital for China in order to gain a competitive edge in the global scientific and technological revolution. It helps in dealing with environmental and resource constraints as China enters a critical stage for upgrading and development, said Li.  

Li greatly stressed that science and technology must be regarded as an important productive force to maintain the momentum for economic growth. 

The premier expressed his gratitude and appreciation toward the work of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and all its members, highlighting the need for scientists to be nex-gen leaders in fostering innovation in younger talent. Monday’s conference was marked as the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).