Labor Agreement signed by CWA and Frontier in California

Published Date : Jul 30, 2015

Recently, there was an agreement between the workers in California and Frontier Communications about managing a certain obstacle with regard to the completion of acquisition of the wireless business of Verizon. The California workers were represented by CWA (Communications Workers of America). CWA represents almost 3400 workers of Verizon in California, and CWA is also in support of the asset acquisition of Frontier. 

As per the terms and conditions laid down in the agreement, after the closure of the deal by the first six months of the next year, Frontier has plans of adding 150 new positions that will be represented by the union to the California workforce. This as a result will create several customer service employment opportunities within the state. Frontier also agreed on honoring and extending the prevailing agreements on labor bargaining. This also includes clauses of company shares and the aspect of job security, thereby involving a hundred percent commitment to the American workforce. 

As per the agreement CWA and Frontier together will create a partnership forum which will help in promoting innovations in the services and the products being offered by Frontier. This also includes service experience received by the customers. Frontier emphasized that the commitments had been planned in order to ensure that the workforce became and remained highly skilled, trained, and most importantly, motivated. 

A senior official at the CWA stated that an agreement was finally reached after many sessions of serious and intense negotiations. The decision took into account the best interests and welfare of consumers and telecom workers in California. The agreement between CWA and Frontier is mainly dependent on the completion of the acquisition that had been proposed. This proposed acquisition is yet to get an approval from CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) and the FCC.