Huawei Shifts Focus from Online-Only Policy to the Offline Strategy

Published Date : Jul 30, 2015

China based telecom giant Huawei, recently quit the “online only” policy that it had introduced for its smartphones. The company intends on marketing its Huawei range of devices, offline too. And the premium brand of Honor phones will be sold via the online medium only. Several consumers after having used Huawei products were not aware that they have actually been using the devices of Huawei and no other company. 

These products include DTH players, set top boxes, and even data cards. A senior official of the company stated that Huawei had in 2011 itself moved into the area of B2C business and not just the B2B business. This has led to a rather positive response and reaction all over in the global market and Huawei has become the third largest company in the world dealing in smartphones. 

The company has begun moving its products (mainly smartphones) into the offline market. Almost eighty percent of the opportunities for this company in India lies via the offline medium and as a result Huawei made an entry in this segment as well. This move was initiated by the company only a couple of weeks ago but it targets on acquiring a ten percent share those towns and cities that it would be covering over the next one and half to two years. 

As regards the Huawei series the company would be selling most of its devices within the price range of 5000 rupees to 20000 rupees. These phones will be made available in more than fifteen cities prior to Diwali. Industry reports indicate that the Huawei managed to sell almost two lakh smartphones all over the world during the first three months of this year. This company holds the fourth rank in the global smartphones market after Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung.