JX Holdings’ Sets its Summer Agenda toward Uproar in Oil Industry

Published Date : Aug 03, 2015

The competition between companies in the global market is becoming more and more intense, day by day. The competition is growing both in domestic and overseas markets. 

Yomiuri Shimbun, staff writer requested new leaders about their agenda for this summer. These leaders who took office at the top of the various companies this year were informed about the same. 

Of all the companies, the star performer has reached the top and taken the stage. President Yukio Uchida, JX Holdings Inc. finally set his prospects in the petroleum industry. He operated and joined, Nippon Mining Co. Uchida was a star supporter who supported the negotiations throughout the process. He helped the company become the largest company in the overall industry and across the globe. Nippon experienced several mergers with Kyodo Oil Co too.

Uchida took control in the petroleum industry due to Masataka Kosaka’s advise, “That Middle East and oil are extremely interesting.” The scientist was his mentor at Kyoto University. 
Uchida has finally found the opportunity to emerge and support people in the public spotlight. Uchida always maintains the overseas markets in his vision very clearly. The domestic refining and wholesaling into one single company would combine perfectly. There is nobody in the global market that would surprise as there are much bigger companies in the world. He stated that patiently thinking ahead on the requirement and need for reorganization in the industry is necessary. 

Uchida’s focus on Southeast Asian operations was in petroleum refining and sales. The limit to allocating the management resources will limit the geographic area and deploy all the resources efficiently, he added. 

Despite the oil decline in Japan, the improvements in fuel efficiency and shrinking population in cars, oil refineries are found everywhere in the country. The reduction of production will make the facilities and personnel redundant. Overall, the petroleum industry is currently considering how to deal with this situation. 

With more than seven refineries in the country, JX needs to handle the situation instantly.