China doubles its Efforts into the Solar Energy Sector

Published Date : Aug 04, 2015

The trend of countries pledging to cut down their carbon emissions has been growing strong in the West, however, several countries in the East are also showing commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Furthermore, China known for its substantial carbon footprint has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by a great degree in the coming few years. This initiative by China has been applauded by several countries around the world such as France.

Recent figures show that China has increased drastically its efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emission rate. China is now being considered as one of the fastest growing market for solar energy in the coming five years. Moreover, China has a dubious distinction of one of the most polluting nation in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. But, China has now raised its target for 2015 from 15 gigawatts to that of an even more ambitious 17.8 gigawatts. This shows that China is multiplying its efforts to decrease its carbon emissions. A report from BNEF shows that in January 2015 China become the largest market for renewable energy at US$89.5 billion.

Also the recent news of China building its largest solar plant shows China’s commitment to its pledge. This largest solar power plant is estimated to spread over 10 square miles that is located in the Gobi desert which is in Qinghai province. This plant is expected have a total installed capacity of 200 megawatts and when completed it is projected to provide energy to around a million households.

However, one concern with China’s doubling efforts in the renewable energy sector is that it will help reduce the need for coal fired power plants in the country. As currently coal is the nation’s biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions. The country has to decrease its dependence on the coal fired power plants to substantially cut down its carbon emission rate.