Wine Can Help Improve Your Oral Health - a New Study

Published Date : May 23, 2014

Wine lovers have a new reason to rejoice and keep their loves for the drink brimming. A new study has revealed the benefits of red wine - alcoholic or non alcoholic - and grape seed extract in preventing dental cavities.
According to the researchers, this result can help the field of oral health and dentistry with development of dental-care products that are based on natural ingredients and that effectively have fewer side effects. 

It is estimated that nearly 60% to 90% of the world’s population is suffering from dental health issues such as cavities, tooth loss and periodontal issues. Dentists cite that the root cause of majority of these problems is the development and prevalence of certain bacteria that get together and form biofilms in our mouths. Eventually, these bacteria start producing plaque and acid and the teeth start getting damaged.

The most common remedies for all teeth-related problems are prescribed as fluoride-based products and water, but their effects are limited. Besides the several mouthwash rinses currently available in the market are known to alter taste and change the color of gums with continuous use. So people are less likely to use them for as long as required. 

A recent study that had stated that wine, grape extracts and polyphenols can slow the growth of bacteria in mouth attracted much attention from researchers around the world. It persuaded researchers to test the effects of these substances under realistic conditions, for the very first time.
As a result, the research that we currently speak of was initiated. 

For this research, researchers raised cultures of bacteria that are known to distress oral health and then dipped them in solutions containing red wine - with or without alcohol, wine containing grape extracts and solution of water with 12% ethanol, for a couple of minutes. From the results it was found that the solutions that contained wine and grape seed extracts were more effective in curbing the bacteria.