ALEC Defends Deal between Australia and China over Live Cattle Exports

Published Date : Aug 04, 2015

The recent deal of Australia with China over the live cattle exports has been defended by the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) after the RSPCA criticized the deal on Aug 03, 2015.

Australia and China have signed an agreement over the feeder and butchery cattle health protocol in July, which was expected to help in opening up exceptional access for live cattle exports from Australia to China. In a statement the CEO of RSPCA Australia, Mr. Heather Neil stated that exporting live export animals to China was not at all important, signaling at the rise of beef exports to China from Australia.

In the statement, RSPCA asked the government to stop forcing the live exports onto the burgeoning beef markets of Australia and to concentrate on rising their own high welfare, high value beef export business in those nations, instead. At present, China imports more beef per month than it exported in the whole calendar year 2011. Hence, exporting live animals to China is totally unnecessary.

Though China has already become a huge success for beef export market in Australia. In 2013-2014 Australia had exported beef valuing to US$790 million to China, almost 3000% up since 2009. RSPACA advised the government to focus its energies on increasing the meat business on a global level, making it more profitable for Australian producers and ensuring the welfare of their animals in the meanwhile.

Responding to it, the CEO of ALEC, Mr. Alison Penfold stated that the rise in the market access and enhancing business conditions for live cattle of Australia is the correct approach to secure the economic prosperity of Australia and aiding cattle producers as well as helping better animal welfare in the global arena.