The Concerns of the Youth in China Highlighted in the Student Protest at Taiwan

Published Date : Aug 05, 2015

The most recent student dissent against alterations to the high school educational module has highlighted the developing concern among Taiwanese youths towards the terrain. In spite of closer ties with Beijing under President, named Ma Ying-jeou, more Taiwanese appear to feel disengaged with China. Student dissidents are requesting the Ministry of Education withdraw changes to the high school educational program. They guarantee the new course readings are as well China-driven and are intended to indoctrinate Taiwanese youths to acknowledge the one China rule. The dissent is the most recent in a progression of study developments against closer ties with China. It echoes the Sunflower Movement a year ago, where student dissidents effectively hindered an exchange deal with the territory.

They were worried that closer ties with Beijing could undermine the island's sway. A few investigators said the dissents mirror a surge of Taiwanese personality, particularly among young people. Professor Alexander Huang from the Tamkang University stated that there is the uneasiness and vulnerability on the future, around a rising China, about the developing impact of China over Taiwan in each aspect and when they see their choices are contracting, their uneasiness increments. Assessment surveys by Taiwan Indicators Survey Research demonstrated that more than 50 percent support possible autonomy, while just 18 percent incline toward consequent reunification with the territory. 

Surveys by the Global Views Monthly indicated comparative results. Be that as it may, experts said the lion's share still favor existing conditions over the Taiwan Straits. A few spectators said this developing feeling of Taiwanese personality is inescapable. Unless Beijing denies the utilization of power against the island, eyewitnesses caution that any endeavor in looking for Taiwan's formal freedom would be an unsafe way for the individuals on the island.