China’s Leading Online Fashion Retailer Mombasa Announces the Launch of US Brand Mall

Published Date : Aug 05, 2015

Moonbasa, the leading online fashion retailer in China announced that it will officially launch the brand Mall, which is a portal that will enable Chinese consumers to have access to US fashion brands.

Moonbasa CEO, who is based in Shanghai and Los Angeles has been a successful entrepreneur who started his career as a contractor in the apparel business and later moved into manufacturing, retail, and finally e-commerce to open the market for Chinese consumers for US fashion brands.

The CEO stated that he envisioned could help US manufactures to have access to the huge market at a nominal cost and also help Chinese consumers to have access to style and Quality US brands at prices that are affordable. The CEO also stated that he could envision to bring a turnkey platform for US fashion brands. To do so, the CEO who started his career as a contractor later moved into manufacture, then retail and finally to set up e-commerce in China.

Moonbasa at present is the largest online fashion retailer in China.

The CEO further stated that the expertise of both the American and Chinese markets will be the platform that will drive the venture.

Moonbasa that was launched in 2007 is a fashion house for 360 million Chinese consumers and a strength of 40 million registered members. The launch of the US fashion mall will enable US brans to create customized online stores which will be supported by Moonbasa’s turnkey platform including image upload, logistics, performance marketing, translation, and customer service.

The high profile and commitment that Moonbasa offers is part of the company’s DNA. Moonbasa will be represented at WWDMAGIC, Booth 73528 at the Central Hall.