SSTL Satellites will Aid City Planning in China

Published Date : Aug 07, 2015

The UK-built Survey Satellite Technology (SSTL) designed on the concept of Three Earth observation has been placed in a low earth orbit. The satellites are designed to provide Earth observation. The launch of these satellites is a sheer example of the global nature of the space technology in 2015.

Some of the monitoring applications include management and urban planning. These applications are based on changes detected by the satellite images. The high-resolution imager on board (SSTL-300S1 series satellites) that weighs about 450kg was absolutely designed and manufactured by SSTL. 

The design and manufacturing of these UK-manufactured satellites were placed on the platform of launch last month from the Sriharikota, Satish Dhawan Space Center launch site based in India.

The report states that all the three satellites have the capacity for high-definition imaging in space. The entire program is a part of the Anglo-Chinese trade deal where the satellites have been launched for enhancing the progress and development in the field of science.

The satellites will be staged 120 degrees within the three months after the launch has taken place. This way, the satellite constellation will be able to aim anywhere on Earth in once every day. 

The executive chairman of SSTL also added that these satellites are one of the most advanced spacecrafts mounted on a PSLV rocket. It is dedicated to fulfill the mission targets. 

The satellite operators are headquartered in Beijing and the Sino-UK Remote Sensing Satellite Constellation was witnessed by the UK prime minister as well China’s premier and signed in 2011. 

The immediate stage for the engineers to expend the platform systems on board is the presence of three satellites.