Google Glass could be the Future of Medical Device in Distant Disease Management

Published Date : Aug 10, 2015

A new study presented by University of Massachusetts Medical School in U.S. suggests, Google Glass can be used for diagnosing and managing patients in far off rural areas or hospitals. According to researchers Google Glass could be the gadget that revolutionizes distant healthcare. As the head-mounting feature of Google Glass offers physicians a hand-free video footage of the patient, thereby helping them in examining specific areas to enhance patient care. 

According to Peter R Chai, toxicology fellow at UMass Medical School as medicine moves toward modernization gadgets such as Google Glass can make a huge impact in the healthcare landscape by not only enhancing patient care, but also reducing the overall cost of the treatment. He further added that the research report shows the data collected by Google Glass is perfectly complimentary to the conventional methods of telephonic consultation. Furthermore, it can also be used to support bedside physical examinations and to diagnose or manage patients. 

Conventionally, telemedicine devices include big laptops or desktops fixed on to carts that are moved around in exam rooms. This restricts functionality and access to a busy emergency rooms. Mr. Chai stated, Google Glass is a perfect design that fits the healthcare industry’s emergency needs for tele-medical advice. Its small size, hands-free usage, and portability make it an ideal medical device for realt-time and bedside specialist in the coming future.

The immense flexibility of the device will also help the consulting physician to take enlarged photos, conduct a live streaming examination, and get an instant consultation with specialists in remote locations.