Oil and Gas Industry acceptance on report

Published Date : Jun 05, 2014

New Zealand’s Oil & Gas industry has made immense progress on its international standards and is now welcoming a report encompassing rules around fracking. 

Jan Wright, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has released her second and the last report on Wednesday which is based on fracking. This report makes six recommendations that discuss the necessary rules around the controversial process.

Technically, fracking is defined as a technique that uses high-pressure injection of water and chemicals into subterranean rocks to crack it open and release oil and gas. 

The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association New Zealand claims that the industry’s current practices are of high standards, but it wants to ensure that this practice is continued in the forthcoming years. 

Getting the rules and regulations is significant for the New Zealanders said PEPANZ spokeswoman Janet Carson. She said she wants to gain a reassurance on the communities since industries are growing and everything needs to be in place to make sure we are ahead of the game in terms of protecting the workers and the environment, she added. 

Dr Wright’s recommendations included the Government developing a standard national policy statement on unconventional oil and gas, and improving processes in the industry and who pays if something goes wrong. 

Labour agrees with the recommendations and calls for an immediate implementation, while the Greens urge to stop the fracking altogether. 

Meanwhile, the Government has given an assurance that report would be analyzed and considered thoroughly.