URL Additions is sold to claims investment group

Published Date : Jun 05, 2014

The founders Alan and Birgitt Macalister of the ULR Additions – a legal expense provider, have sold the firm to an investment group specializing in claims management firms.  

The firm is now owned by 116 Cardamon Limited. The terms of the deal are undisclosed but the transaction was broadcasted internally. 

Alan Macalister will retain no role with the business and declined to comment by Post.

In addition, the Chorley-based Cardamon has invested in the group of organizations existing in the claims management sector. This also includes medico-legal services provider Speed Medical. Some other group investments include document signing facilities and rehabilitative services. 

ULR Additions chief executive Rob Kay said that the industry we function under still needs to evolve and become more competitive. Therefore this was a necessary change needed to become an industry leader of quality products and services just to grow to a stage that is desired.

Cardamon group managing director Graham Pulford said, the company needs to focus and combine all its resources and abilities in growing and prospering the claims management markets.

ULR Additions was formerly known as URL Norwich. It provides insurance services and add-on products in landlord, motor, commercial, household, and many other areas, as well as works with over 100 UK brokers in first notification of loss services and claims management.