Breast cancer patients can benefit from exercise

Published Date : Jun 09, 2014

A study showed that exercise provides many benefits to breast cancer patients. It especially helps to speed up the recovery time for patients of breast cancer.

However, the study showed that most women patients don’t follow exercise regularly. Following regular, moderate amount of exercise in a week can greatly help women affected by breast cancer.

Exercising can help patients to recover faster after breast cancer. It can also help to prolong their life and live more healthily. But, most patients affected by breast cancer don’t follow the recommended amount of exercise in a week. Only one-third of the patients followed the appropriate amount of exercise.

In a study performed by a doctoral candidate in epidemiology and her colleagues, the changes occurred by following regular physical activity after breast cancer diagnosis were noted. Women from 20 to 74 years who were diagnosed of invasive breast cancer from the year 2008 and 2011 participated in this study.

Researchers found that only 35% of the total participants met the recommended physical activity instructions post-diagnosis. There was a decrease in physical activity after six months of diagnosis in 59% of women.

The study also showed that African-American women patients had higher mortality than other groups of women in U.S.

More support is required to women diagnosed with breast cancer. Increasing awareness among breast cancer patients of how regular exercising can help them to live longer is important. Medical care providers should also provide strategies to patients to increase the amount of physical activity to help them achieve better quality of life.