Arkema’s Nylon Piping Systems have the Ability to Accumulate Methane Landfill Gas

Published Date : Aug 13, 2015

Arkema Inc.’s nylon 6/11 resin aids Nebraska community in depicting energy from the inhibited landfill.

Rilsan-brand nylon 6/11 is a piping system used by Arkema. It was installed in the start of this year; however it has started its operations throughout the system including fitting, joining systems, and pipes. The system is expected to produce 140 billion of untreated gas, estimated in British thermal units. It helps in cleaning the gas before the conveying is performed to the local utilities, added Brandon Babe in a recent interview.
Babe is the company’s oil and gas market manager. 

Rilsan-brand nylon 6/11 is cheaper than a normal steel system. It provides a capital expenditure savings of $95,000 per mile with a maintenance savings of $6,300 per mile. The system is extremely effective as it collects methane landfill gas from the State Street Landfill where it has been flaring the gas ever since 1995 operations.

Rilsan is obtained from bio-renewable castor oil that has several performance advantages vs. high density polyethylene pipe which is placed at a lower-price in the market, added Babe.  

The piping system is designed and manufactured under the trade name Hyperlast. In addition, GFCP is the unit of the global piping leader in Germany. GFCP and Arkema are working in collaboration in the Nebraska project proposed by Omaha-based biofuels firm, BioResource Development (BRD) LLC.      

In a recent news release, co-founder of BRD, MacLean said that Rilsan as a material helped keep the overall capital costs down. This in turn helped the project’s viability and delivery requirements deadlines.

MacLean said that the quick installation of the system was icing on the cake. Many firms are now looking to promote Rilsan system to other landfills, especially in the Midwest U.S. 

Arkema manufactures specialty chemicals and materials including acrylic resins, nylons and fluropolymers in its Altuglas acrylic sheet.