App will Help Chinese Consumers Identify Food Made in Australia

Published Date : Aug 17, 2015

The demand for imported food in China is growing at a healthy rate. Dairy products from South Korea, Scotch from Scotland, Wine from Australia, and organic fruits and vegetables from Europe are increasingly finding their way in the Chinese food market. The demand for healthy food items and other quality food products in China is happening due to the increasing number of food scams the country witnessed in the past few years.

This has led to an increasing number of Chinese consumers heading to healthy food stores. Furthermore, millions of people in the country are using smart technology and demanding for more convenience in terms of shopping and paying for food. In the past few months, several major companies introduced facilities in the China food market wherein consumers could make their own food in a restaurant and pay it using their phones.

Another technology that is expected to offer more transparency in the China food market using the latest technology is a simple app that will help the consumers in China to recognize if the food they are buying was made in Australia. The founder and CEO of a firm Authenticateit has developed a solution that helps to track and trace the product’s supply chain to ensure food product confidence. The app developed by the CEO, Mr. Volchek offers a seamless integration of the links of all food supply chain right from manufacturing to the consumers.

This app is localized to the China market and enables Australian brands to benefit from the power of social media networks. This app can help both authorities and consumers in China to look favorably on their product as it helps to verify using the traceability systems, stated Volchek. Also, the Authenticateit app helps the education process using social media in China and offers an imperative part of marketing issue for Australian businesses that are looking to supply products to Chinese consumers.