Public Spaces are Value-Addition to Dundee Waterfront Success

Published Date : Aug 18, 2015

The people living at Dundee’s Waterfront are offered a visualization of how the buildings at the Waterfront are likely to look in the near future.

According to the council chiefs, the public spaces are set to play an important role in the site’s future. They’re a common feature with iconic representation of European cities such as Berlin and Barcelona. 

The people planning to reside at the Waterfront will be surrounded with stunning views across the city. Moreover, the Tay through the rooftop terraces is also proposed for a construction at the site. 
As per the Tele’s news, planners were issuing guidance on the way buildings at the Waterfront should look and be constructed. The details for the same have been revealed in the new document issued for the construction site.    

The document reveals the importance of the public spaces to the city’s development and people at the central Waterfront. This development as a whole is crucial to the success of Dundee. The planning also includes terraces and gardens for residents to enjoy and relax. 

Some of the other areas of construction include blue space on the water of the Tay. It is an area for recreational activities. 

In addition, the construction document also reveals the patterns of including a restricted allocation for private non-residential parking on the site.  

The city’s council is ready to make negotiations with the developers for discounted and reserved parking rates within the council car parks. All sites are in talks to provide secure cycle parking for people. 

The sites have the space for operational parking in courtyard settings. 

The council also wants the central Waterfront to host leisure outlets, cafes, bars, and restaurants for a vibrant café culture. 

Moreover, public art is planned to be installed, which is expected to cost more than £1 million in order to allocate at least 1% for the artwork. 

With tarmac pavements at the site and temporary lampposts at the public footpaths, the development is expected to be consistent in terms of high-quality finish.