Car Production Loses Momentum in China because of Blasts in the City of Tianjin

Published Date : Aug 18, 2015

Toyota Motor Corp may soon be losing its largest car production source in China for a minimum of approximately three days, since auto manufacturers are struggling hard to evaluate the damage that was caused by the explosion in Tianjin city in the week earlier. The evacuation being carried out in this region will hamper the operations of Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co. that will be working all through Wednesday. 

The company till now is unaware of the fact if it would be in a position to commence the production once more as soon as the advisories on contamination get lifted. The degree of damage that has been caused is yet to be confirmed. The damage are in terms of damage caused to the facilities and also damaged windows. The wider toll for suppliers and automakers that evaluate at the port to keep ship parts and vehicles is still very unclear. 

Volkswagen and Toyota have not been able to determine the number of cars manufactured by them, have got damaged. Hyundai Motor Co. on the other hand is still trying to tally the number of vehicles and the company has also shut down one of its logistics centers. Mazda Motor Corp. also stated that even though it has sufficient inventories for the present time, there is a lurking fear about the possible disruptions that can happen during the flow of the components. 

The total number of deaths in a storage site for chemicals from the blast increased to 114, and there are almost 70 persons who have gone missing. Japanese car manufacturers expressed that they prevented production losses in the earlier week because of the operations being closed due to a holiday. Toyota has the highest stake amidst all those companies that are not in a position to restart the process of production immediately.