China Telecom Co. Limited Receives Outperform Ratings: Credit Suisse CHA Reaffirmed

Published Date : Aug 19, 2015

Recently, Market Beat released a report saying, Credit Suisse confirmed their rating as ‘outperform’ for the shares of China Telecom Co. Limited. Many other analysts shared their comments on CHA. Zacks holds some shares of China Telecom Co. Limited. Recently Zacks dropped the shares from ‘hold’ rating to ‘sell’ rating. On the other hand, shares of China Telecom were raised by Jefferies Group from ‘hold’ to ‘buy’. Three investment specialists rated the stock as ‘hold’ while six others shared their ratings as ‘buy’. At present, the stock, on an average, is rated as ‘buy’ with an average target price of $67.30.

On Monday, China Telecom Co. Limited began the day with 54.41. In 50 days, China Telecom Co. Limited moved ahead with an average of $56.03 while its moving average for 200 days was around $63.93. China Telecom Co. Limited holds a market cap of around $44.04 billion. With 16.00 P/E ratio, the firm is moving ahead in telecommunication and wireless sector in China. The firm currently has a week low of $51.47 and on the other hand, they have a week high of $78.28. 


China Telecom Corporation Limited is well known for offering telecommunication and wireless services in many locations across the globe. Broadband internet and CDMA mobile network are some of the offerings of the firm. To support the basic communication services, China Telecom Co. Limited is coming up with many advanced telecommunication and wireless services. Integrated information services, mobile telecommunication, and internet access, are some other services that China Telecom Corporation Limited provides. The firm has been providing international telecommunication services across the globe, serving countries of Europe, South Africa, the Asia Pacific, and North America. 


With China Telecom Co. Limited receiving ‘outperform’ rating from most of the market analysts, the firm is expected to make many new customers in coming years. This will in return boost the telecommunication and wireless industry in China.