Samsung Hopes to Release 16 Terabytes SSD in 2016

Published Date : Aug 20, 2015

An industry report released on Samsung Electronics in August revealed that the South Korean giant will be releasing and SSD with the largest capacity in the world. It will be the first 16 terabytes solid state drive (SSD) and will be launched next year.

The storage capacities if SSDs are quickly surpassing the storage sizes offered by HDDs. Experts believe that SSDs will replace HDD completely in in the near future.

The SSD, named PM1633a, holds a data storage capacity of 15.36 terabytes. The SSD is a corporate-oriented storage device and was originally showcased in the second week of August, 2015, in the U.S.

IHS iSuppli director Michael Yang, said that given the scale and technological capabilities of Samsung, it is not improbable to hope for a commercial rollout of the SSD in the beginning of 2016. He also said that one of the 16TB SSDs will do the job of four of the current top line solid state drives. This will create a sharp price cut for creating high-capacity servers in terms of physical space and material required.

Currently, the largest HDD storage capacity is of 10 terabytes. The new Samsung SSD, which comes with the advanced NAND flash-making technology, will be the first SSD that will surpass an HDD in its generation. The dominance will be realized after the SSD becomes commercially available in 2016.

Most analysts agree that the price for the new 16TB SSD could fall anywhere between US$5,000 to US$7,000.

The development of the world’s largest SSD is directly related to the mass-production initiation by Samsung of the third generation of 3D V-NAND.