Smartphone Manufacturing Started in India by Lenovo

Published Date : Aug 20, 2015

Lenovo, one of the world's biggest maker of electronics and the proprietor of the Motorola brand, is growing immensely. The organization reported that it would start fabricating both Motorola and Lenovo smartphones in another processing plant in Chennai, India, beginning with the low-cost Moto E and Lenovo K3 Note models. As indicated by the press release, 1500 workers have been contracted crosswise over assembling, quality affirmation, testing, and other divisions. 

The change is striking in light of the fact that in the most recent decade or somewhere in the vicinity most smartphones have been made solely in China, with a couple of special cases for adjacent provincial organizations such as Samsung in South Korea and Asus in Taiwan despite the fact that both just make a few models in their nations of origin. 

The dominant part of smart phones sold in India, even those made by the companies owned by India are made in China by the organization's own particular workers or middle producers such as Foxconn. Lenovo is not the only mobile maker to open a manufacturing plant particularly in India. Samsung has an assembling wing in the same Sriperambudur neighborhood just like Lenovo, and it's as of now making smart phones at another Indian plant. The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi started manufacturing in India some time back. 

The vicinity of a huge number of potential clients, less expensive dissemination lines, and work costs that are generally focused can do wonders for the primary concern. Google's own particular Android One line has concentrated on India as its first market. The other universal smartphone creators will venture in India soon. It is worth specifying that this Lenovo extension comes only a week after the organization reported it will lay off 3,200 specialists in different divisions.