Good Deal for iPhone Users to try out any Samsung Phone for $1

Published Date : Aug 21, 2015

If you love your iPhone, then wait for a month and a dollar to spend more to come to a new smartphone that Samsung will introduce to the market for you all to get hooked on. 

Samsung is facilitating the iPhone users with the ability to test drive its new lineup of Samsung Galaxy phones. This range includes the Galaxy S6 Edge and S6 models, in additions to the S6 Edge+ as well as Note 5.  

Samsung plans to offer the phone users with a Galaxy phone priced for a dollar. The phone will be of their choice. The company will also offer one month cellular service. So, if you don’t get the drift with the new piece in comparison to your iPhone use, you are free to return it with an add-on shipping label for free. 

This does not involve any fraudulent activities or a catch. The user is requested to enroll in the program from his/her respective iPhone and avail the service. This time, sorry, Android customers for no benefit on this offer. 

Samsung is the king in the smartphone market holding 22% share of the global sales last quarter. This figure in comparison to the Apple is 15%. 

However, Apple is bracing up in the competition with its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – both continuing to excel in the market, especially in China.  

On the flipside, the US has iPhone as the top-selling smartphone. Apple accounted for 43% share of the United States smartphone sales in the last quarter, as compared to Samsung’s 29%. 

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was Samsung’s answer to Apple’s massive growth. 

While, the giant Note line up was the leader in the market, but now there are many smartphone makers including phablet. 

Samsung’s offer is in the same breath as the T-Mobile’s promotion. These kinds of promotions are typically for brand awareness and perception.