IMI Ranks as 7th Global Provider of Auto Electronics

Published Date : Aug 21, 2015

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI) ranks on number seven on the list of leading automotive EMS providers. The company is AYALA led organization that is gaining high traction in the global market with increasing shares. It is a provider of EMS to the automotive industry. 

IMI holds top ranks within the US-based New Venture Research EMS related revenues 2014. The company has growth up from the 8th place in 2013. 

The company generated revenues from the automotive segment and increased by 16% to around $321 mn in 2014 from a value of $276 mn in 2013. This was mainly due to the stable global growth trend and stabilization in the market of Europe. 

The company beat the average rise of total automotive EMS sales of 9.9% over the same forecast period. IMI said, the rise in the global market share not only displayed the long term growth potential of the automotive industry in electronics but the commitment to strengthen and widen its foothold in the overall industry, said the company. IMI president said in a press statement that they are bullish about expanding their business in the auto industry as the electronic content of the car and demand for vehicles increase.   

IMI earns its biggest interest from the auto segment because of vehicles increasingly requiring more electronic rather than mechanical components. The auto segment accounted for 37.3% of the $860.8 n revenues by IMI in 2014.

The electronics content of vehicle produced today is expected to grow by 15-20% each year.  

IMI is a global provider of product development and manufacturing services to the global auto market. It develops platforms or baseline technologies for safety-related control devices, driver assistance systems, ignition modules, and electronic steering.  

Some of the major regions IMI leads in are Asia, Europe, and North America. It also serves different segments such as storage device, industrial, medical, telecommunications infrastructure, and consumer electronics industries.