Dr Pepper Snapple makes Equity Investment in BA Sports Nutrition

Published Date : Aug 24, 2015

Continuing its collaboration with BodyArmor SuperDrink, American soft drink company Dr Pepper Snapple has gone ahead with an equity investment in New York based owner of the sports drink BA Sports Nutrition LLC. The investment worth US$ 20 million lends Dr Pepper Snapple an ownership position of 11.7 per cent in BA Sports Nutrition.

Dr Pepper Snapple has, since 2013, treated BodyArmor as an associated brand of the company is most of the network of direct store delivery. Dr Pepper Snapple also intends to further widen the product line into its system over the duration of the next year.

President of packaged beverages at Dr Pepper Snapple Rodger Collins said that the company is certainly happy with the development in BodyArmor over the past couple of years. It also believes that the sports nutrition company has immense potential to emerge as a quality sports drink. Rodger Collins added that BodyArmor is already a major part of Dr Pepper Snapple’s allied brand portfolio. The management team handling this brand has the passion as well as the potential to succeed. Dr Pepper Snapple is looking forward to making a contribution toward that success and growth in the long run.

BodyArmor SuperDrink was launched by Lance Collins and Mike Repole in 2012 and the following year, basketball legend Kobe Bryant became a major investor in the firm. BodyArmor sports drinks are made with vitamins, coconut water, and electrolytes packed with potassium. The drinks use pure cane sugar as sweeteners, with no artificial flavors or colors. The sports drink is currently available in seven different flavors. 

Chairman and cofounder of BodyArmor Mike Repole said that the company is extremely excited about Dr Pepper Snapple’s equity investment. The partnership with Dr Pepper Snapple will allow BodyArmor to continue gaining distribution throughout the US and set sail to becoming a national brand.