Foundation Laid for Skyscraper in Houston, Construction not to Commence until Tenants are Signed

Published Date : Aug 25, 2015

At the site of the new capital tower in downtown Houston, loaded cement trucks were lined along Capitol and Rusk. The contractor for Capitol Tower, Skanska USA, and the subcontractor for concrete, Baker Concrete Construction, lined the block-long site with concrete of volume 9,300 cubic yards and 2.4 million pounds of rebar.

About sixty percent of the cement material constituted fly ash, which is a safe industrial product recycled which would otherwise go to a landfill. This has helped he 35-story skyscraper attain LEED Platinum v4 precertification, which has been achieved only by only three buildings in the nation.

This will help the project save above 1 million pounds of CO2, which is equivalent to emissions that are associated with driving a car for 1.2 million miles, as stated by Skanska officials.

The building that has been designed by Gensler has other features, which includes a high performance curtain wall solution to attain energy efficiency. This will also enable residents to have breathtaking views of downtown Houston through 10-feet high floor-to-glass ceiling and also a light-filled lobby to connect the street and tunnel levels.

But, Skanska officials commented that construction will begin only after a substantial portion of the building is rented. Officials refused to comment if any tenants have been signed or how much of the building needs to be leased for construction to commence. The method will enable the tower to save above 1 million pound of CO2, the equivalent amount of emissions are associated with running a car for 1.2 million miles. 

Skanska officials further commented that the company is actively looking for potential tenants and hoping to organize a prelaunch soon in order to continue vertical construction of the project, as stated by Michael Mai, who is the regional manager and executive vice president of Skanska USA Commercial Development in USA.