Hidrate gets Geared up to Launch HidrateMe, a Smart Water Bottle

Published Date : Aug 26, 2015

In December, Hidrate Inc., a Minneapolis based firm would be launching a smart water bottle. This comes at a time when the company has successfully raised US$627644 million from more than 8000 supporters. This bottle is a 24 ounces one, containing a specialized sensor stick which has the ability to communicate via the Apple Watch, FitBit, and Jawbone. It also makes use of smart phones with the aid of Bluetooth sensors. 

The main aim of this smart water bottle is to calculate the amount of water a person drinks, by taking into account factors such as elevation, weight, gender, location, height, and temperature. Based on these parameters, it glows when the user needs to drink water, or when it’s time for him to take water. Four college students from the University of Minnesota had started this company. 

At present, the company sells these 24 ounce smart water bottles at a price of US$46.95 each. Market trends indicate that many consumers are quite excited about purchasing such a product, since people these days are quite aware of the importance of being well hydrated. They also know that in order to be healthy, they need to consume a lot of water. A senior official of this company stated that the co-owners made efforts to understand the reactions of people on the launch of such a product, and they were taken by surprise when they learnt that consumers this time are moving beyond the aspect of just something “nice”. 

Many customers felt that purchasing such a product will bring about positive changes in their health. According to the owners of this company, the Hidrate smart water bottle will prove to be a rather ambitious product in the long run, however presently the main aim is to focus only on the HidrateMe product.