DNP Selects IAIs Cyber Range Training Center in Japan

Published Date : Aug 26, 2015

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) signed a mutual agreement with DNP a leader in publication of documentation security, printing, and software security products in Japan. 


The contract deals into supply of TAME Range which is Japan’s cyber range training platform and certification for cyber warfare teams. 


DNP is likely to become the reseller of IAI’s cyber range in Japan. 


TAME Range permits a realistic cyber warfare training setting to provide training to around 80,000 IT personnel. The platform offers training for improvement to the cyber awareness and every type of readiness of cyber defenders. At present, Japan is in need of training to prevent cyber-attacks from foreign lands as well as brace up for the 2020 Olympics.  


The cyber range platform provides the users with hand-ons, authentic training in a fully controlled and protected environment using realistic cyber threats. During practices, users can gain practical knowledge because they will be required to handle actual cyber-attacks based on recently discovered threats in the world. 


The platform covers cyber warfare, incident management, forensics, mitigation, and threat identification. It provides comprehensive training on the tools and techniques that are under a team’s common when a real plot actually strikes.   


DNP is truly excited to conduct business with IAI and many hi-tech employers in Israel. After thorough analysis of cyber training systems, DNP selected the IAI’s cyber range system to train the Japanese IT personnel against threats that occur on daily basis and harm the country’s infrastructure.