Japanese Whiskey Arrives at ISS

Published Date : Aug 26, 2015

Early Tuesday, officials reported that a remote-controlled cargo ship docked successfully at the ISS (International Space Station).

The cargo was loaded with all the emergency supplies including Japanese whisky. Although the dock was successful, there were 30 astronauts that were requested to keep away from the golden tipple, which is a science experiment. 

The drinks were sent to the space for booze to find out and perform a test on time. Scientists want to test how time reacts in zero-gravity environment affecting the flavor of the drink. The drinks are supplied by giant Suntory.

Researchers and scientists of the company said that storing the drinks and beverages in a space like environment only affects the temperature slightly. It also limits the liquid movement that could lead it to a mellower flavor. 

The cargo was placed inside the 5.5 tonne vessel known as Kounotori, which means a stork in Japanese. The cargo blasted off from the southern part of the country to get attached to an H-IIB rocket. The cargo was completely loaded with water, clothing, food, and all the necessary tools required for experiments in space. 

A Japanese astronaut logged in ISS, Kimiya Yui utilized a robotic arm to clasp the vessel before its successful fixation at the ISS. The ship is expected to leave the ISS and re-enter the earth’s orbit in late September, added Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. 

The delivery is equipped with water recycling system after NASA asked Japan for the counterparts to include them as emergency materials in order to launch the US Falcon 9 rocket.   

SpaceX blasted off from Florida, Cape Canaveral marking a major hinder for the company Elon Musk. This was the third accident in less than a year involving Russia and US supply ships bound for ISS. This raised new concerns about the flow of food and gear to the astronauts residing in orbit.