China to Join Hands with Iran to Sign a Nuclear Plants Construction Project

Published Date : Aug 27, 2015

Authorities from the Chinese and Iranian construction industry have planned to sign a nuclear plants construction project. The Chinese and Iranian nuclear chiefs will be stressing on cooperation and peace while building the nuclear energy plant. According to a press TV, a nuclear energy plant will be constructed in the area between Beijing and Tehran. 

Recently, a meeting was held in China between Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and Xu Dazhe, the head of Atomic Energy Authority of China, where the details of the new nuclear energy plant were discussed. Cooperation from both the countries, was the major point of discussion. During the meeting, the entire concentration from both the countries was on implementation and accomplishment of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA that was reached between Iran and P5+1 including the United States, China, Germany, Russia, France, and Britan, in Vienna, the capital of Austria. 

Under JCPOA, limitations on Iran’s nuclear activities will be discussed in exchange for or among any other things. According to the press report, removal of financial and economic bans against Tehran will also be stated under the JCPOA. The two countries also discussed about China’s construction plan of new nuclear plants in Iran. Construction and development of 100-megawatt nuclear power plant, was the main focus of discussion. 

The power plant is to be constructed with acceptable qualities and affordable maintenance costs. The new nuclear power plant is expected to be able to purify industrial steam and electricity. Iran’s nuclear electricity requirements will also be fulfilled by the new nuclear power plant. Atomic Energy Authority of China will emphasize on the approval from JCPOA in Iran and other six nations to begin the construction. Salehi, member of the high ranking AEOI designation, is planning to meet China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, and other senior officials of the construction industry, to discuss further about the nuclear power plant construction project.