Australia-based Ramsay Health Care Looks to Expand in China

Published Date : Aug 27, 2015

Chris Rex, head of Ramsay Health Care – largest hospital operator in Australia – said on Wednesday that opportunities for growth in China were an attractive option for the company, which has reported a spike in annual profit. 

Managing director of the private health care firm Rex said that a series of events had given rise to a rather fruitful year for the Australian hospital group.

He added that the acquisition of France based Generale de Sante was a huge leap forward.

Ramsay Health Care has been in operation in Australia once since 2010. The company has gone from being nothing to becoming the largest private hospital operator in a very short period of time and this has been rather fantastic, Chris Rex said.

Rex further stated that the firm was also impressed with its results in Britain, mainly owing to the fact that the British wing had been previously going through a few years when things were not going as hoped. 

Ramsay Health Care has treated over three million individuals in the span of a year and reported a hike of 27 per cent in terms of net profit to reach US$ 385.5 million. Ramsay uses a measure called core earnings to emphasize on its ongoing operations. The company said that these earnings went up by 19 per cent to reach US$ 412.1 million. The hospital operator will be paying a final dividend of 60.5 cents per share for an entire year’s payout of US$ 1.01, which has increased by 19 per cent on previous year.

Chris Rex said that the firm will continue to emphasize on its opportunities overseas – not only in places where it already has operations in the past but new regions as well. Rex said that if the opportunity does arise, the company is confident about moving.