SunOpta Adds to its Packaging Capabilities in the US based Manufacturing Facilities

Published Date : Aug 28, 2015

Recently, SunOpta, a Canada based mineral and food company established a stand-up pouch packaging equipment in California’s Buena Park, which is the company’s frozen fruit segment. It also set up a similar equipment in North Dakota’s Wahpeton which is its facility for roasted snacks. In Washington, SunOpta has its fruit snack unit which will also be witnessing the establishment of this specialized packaging equipment. 

The process will commence in the initial part of 2016. SunOpta primarily deals with healthy foods that are non-genetically modified and are totally organic. The company is seriously working towards upgrading and enhancing the manufacturing operations of the fruit snack, roasted snacks, and the frozen fruit facilities. Rik Jacobs, a senior official at SunOpta stated that as per latest market findings, most consumers these days show greater preference for stand-up pouches. 

And more than 90 percent of the consumers get influenced with the packaging and almost 45 percent of the consumers give more preference to the packaging rather than the price. This shows that buying decisions are influenced not only by price but by other factors also. The introduction of this new technology and enhanced capacity has had positive effects in two major ways, first, greater number of newer customers and increasing volumes of orders from most of the existing customers. 

The investment carried out by SunOpta is very much in accordance to the strategy of the company of “two touch” which also supports the growth plans that are meant for most of the value added products offered by the company. Currently, SunOpta mostly outsources volumes of pouch packaged meant for fruit snacks. By taking such steps coupled with the commencement of the new project in 2016 will enable SunOpta to package such volumes itself. With the purchase of Niagara Natural and Sunrise Growers, SunOpta has given a major boost to its lineup of consumer products.