UN Will now Protect the Tasmanian Forest

Published Date : Jun 16, 2014

The Tasmanian forest is a UNESCO protected site, but Australian government wants to revoke this status to begin logging.

The Tasmanian forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After hearing the news related to logging thousands of people in Tasmania have protested against it. But, according to the government the area has been degraded by previous logging.

However, if Australian government wins the bid, then it would be the first developed country to have the protected status of a forest reversed on the basis of economic grounds.

The timber industry in Australia employs over sixty-six thousand people. Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott has supported the cause for timber industry. But, the opposition Greens party has labeled the prime minister negatively in this situation. 

Also, a spokesperson representing Wilderness Society said that logging a world heritage forest is a reckless act which is similar to destroying any other world heritage site. The spokesperson said that if logging is allowed it would be similar to using Grand Canyon as a garbage dumping site or destroying the Sydney Opera House for harbor side apartments.

A meeting will be held in Doha, Qatar to discuss about this issue. The meeting will also be addressing the protection of the Great Barrier Reef. Because of the pollution linked deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef UNESCO might label the reef with an endangered status. However, according to many Australian officials the chemical pollution has declined in the reef due to better industrial and agricultural practices.