Cigarette Sales Bound To Increase Report A Tobacco Industry Beat

Published Date : Jun 16, 2014

Australian newspaper reported that the tobacco industry shows sales figures of 59 million more cigarettes ever since the introduction of world-first plain packaging in 2012.

To this, an anti-smoking advocate has rejected several claims regarding the increase of smoking due to the introduction of plain packaging. 

Jeff Rogut – the chief executive of Australasian Association of Convenience Stores told the newspaper that the increase in shares and buying cheaper cigarettes is part of a trend. 

In addition, even the president of Australian Council on Smoking and Health – Professor Mike Daube told ABC NewsRadio that the article is wrong. He believes, this behavior is a typical approach taken by the tobacco industry. It is an act that is put up to a sociable journalist that opposes the tobacco industry and gets a way through the front page with substantial support. 

However, Professor also added that there are industry figures to show the fall in tobacco sales. So, according to him, this is just an old-fashioned tobacco industry beat-up. Also, the chief executive of the biggest tobacco company, Imperial Tobacco mentioned in the half-yearly report for 2013 that the markets have experienced a decline by two to three percent ever since plain packaging was introduced in the market. 

                                                   Professor Daube added that the tobacco industry is going to dishonor plain packaging as other countries are regarding a similar legislation. The question remains as to why tobacco companies seem to be opposed to plain packaging internationally, if it is seemingly leading to increased cigarette sales. However, Professor anticipates a severe decline in cigarette sales in the coming years, and says it is early to determine the laws had proven successful for the future.