Recognition of VET by India to Boost the Indian Students

Published Date : Aug 31, 2015

Over the past few years, Australia has become one of the favorite education destinations for the Indian students. Every year, hundreds of students visit Australia to plan their higher education. According to the reports in Delhi, this year, so far, around 48,500 Indian students have already landed in Australia for implementing their higher education plans. Looking at the growing education opportunities and increasing number of Indian students, minister Pyne is planning to expand the education sector in Australia by collaborating top institutes in India and Australia.

Linking schools and higher education institutes in Australia and India will be a boost for educational sector in both countries. As the number of Indian students in Australia is growing by 15% every year. Minister Pyne is looking forward to build stronger relationship between the educational sectors of both the countries. To support the developmental plans, the Indian government is soon planning to recognize foundation courses and pathways offered by the Australian educational institutes and colleges. Smriti Irani, the human resource development minister of India and Pyne, signed the memorandum of understanding, which will facilitate mutual recognition of qualification and credit transfers between India and Australia. 

The recognition of foundation courses in vocational education and training VET sector and Australian pathways, is a big step taken by the Indian government. The providers of vocational education and training VET will include agricultural colleges, community and adult education, TAFE institutes, industry skill centers, commercial training, enterprise training, community organizers, and other private providers. The Australian government, along with the Australian industry, private, and public training providers, is likely to offer more options for the Indian students. On successful completion of the studies, under subclass 485 visa category, a student gets work permit in Australia for a period of 18 months. Expansion of educational opportunities will prove to be a big motivation for the Indian students.