Yahoo shareholders concerned as Alibabas sales slowdown

Published Date : Jun 17, 2014

Alibaba Group Holdings Limited due to its extra investment in marketing smartphones to attract consumers is now experiencing decreasing profit margins.

Alibaba yesterday named the 27 partners, who are a key to its unique business governance structure. Yahoo! Inc which has a 23 percent stake in Alibaba showed a decline in New York yesterday. This has become an immediate cause of concern for investors according to a market analyst.

The first revision of Alibaba Group during its previous public offering displayed sales in the quarter increased by 39 percent. This happened because merchants allocated their marketing budgets to Alibaba at that time. This compared with a rate of 71 percent growth for the same quarter previous year. Also, the operating margins declined to 45 percent compared to 51 percent previous year.

According to a market analyst the revenue growth of Alibaba is declining and margins are lower than what they are expected to be. Also, their mobile has dramatic increased percentage of total transaction value, which has resulted in consumers spending less on mobile.

It was also reported that SoftBank Corp. which owns 30 percent of Alibaba declined by 1.7 percent in Tokyo trading which extends it to a total 18 percent loss this year. Yahoo has declined by 5.8 percent to USD 34.81 in the New York trading yesterday.

Alibaba’s retail marketplaces, Taobao Marketplace, Juhuasuan, and Tumall account for a total of 82 percent of the revenue. It was reported that merchandise experienced doubled volume while Taobao Marketplace also rose to 42 percent.