DaVita Expands Kidney-Care Joint-Venture in China

Published Date : Sep 01, 2015

The dialysis wing of DaVita HealthCare Partners, DaVita Kidney Care is creating what the company calls a first-of-its kind kidney care specialty chain to be located in China and later aiming to expand operations across the globe. The project will be a joint venture. 

The chain will first open in the Shandong province of China and will be owned by Xiaoyi Zhang, the president of Shunjing Renal Hospital and DaVita jointly. Shunjing is the only private hospital in the capital city of Jinan, to have obtained formal approval for providing dialysis services. Unlike other centers of dialysis located in China, the renal hospitals will aim to either mitigate or delay the need for dialysis. To achieve this the specially qualified staffs will address conditions such as obesity and hypertension that are common among patients suffering from chronic kidney diseases. 

Zhang, as a part of the deal will assume the role of CEO in the already open Kidney Disease Hospital of DaVita at Shandong. The company has already started building its next hospital in China. 

DaVita has over 2,300 kidney centers around the world, ten of which are located outside the United States and serves to more than 184,000 patients. Although the international business of DaVita is small compared to its contemporaries, nonetheless the ancillaries are carefully-nurtured parts of the parent company. DaVita at present has made significant progress in the operations it carries out in India, Taiwan, and Malaysia, as told by the president of the company’s HealthCare Partners group subsidiary and CEO of international operations for DaVita Healthcare Partners – Dennis Kogod. 

In China, the company as of now has only two outpatient dialysis centers providing healthcare to about only 90 patients as of June 30. And this they carry out through a joint venture with a China-based biotechnology company called 3S Bio.