Chinese Rail Contractor Offers to Build High-Speed Railway in Sweden

Published Date : Sep 02, 2015

A major rail contractor in China has, off the record, offered to build a planned high speed railway in Sweden for US$ 3 billion lesser and in five years fewer than what was initially estimated by the Sweden state transport administration.

The contractor, China Railway Construction, made the confidential offer to the Sweden parliament’s Standing Committee for Transport. The document, however, was leaked to a national TV broadcaster of Sweden, SVT. 

The offer by China claims to offer Sweden savings in terms of expense as well as time by constructing most of the new railway on elevated viaducts to steer clear from land acquisition hurdles and tricky soil conditions.

Politicians in Sweden are rather impressed with the proposal and will be traveling to China to learn more on the technology. 

Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport in Sweden and Green Party Member of the parliament Karin Svensson Smith told SVT that the fact that the Chinese have offered to build the high speed railway network in Sweden in just a span of five years is extremely intriguing. 

Karin Smith added that while the committees in Sweden will most definitely review the claims made by the Chinese contractor, Sweden has seen that China has set up its own railway network in their own and other countries in record time.

According to the estimates of the Swedish planners, the 150 kilometer long new Eastern link high speed railway network from greater Stockholm’s Jarna to the centre of the country in Linkoping will begin construction work in 2017 and should ideally be operational in 2028.

Trains, running at 320 kilometers per hour, are being designed with the aim of reducing pressure on current rail lines and shift freight as well as passenger transport from the road to rail.