Harman and Garmin lead Consumer Electronics Group

Published Date : Jun 17, 2014

The IBD\'s consumer-electronics industry group is a hub to find stereo icon headphone makers like Skullcandy, Dolby Laboratories, and Turtle Beach, and other entertainment powerhouse equipment in Sony. However, with two companies leading in earnings and stock performance, the Harman International Industries and Garmin have marked a notch for themselves in the consumer electronics industry. 

Garmin shares showed a flat base Friday morning, increasing past the 59.67 buy point. The volume was rated weak, which was considered as a flaw, but unless trading picks up pace in the next few days the volume will show some improvements. 

Today, Garmin’s best growth is in its fitness products and outdoors. This brand has become ubiquitous; now found in car-navigation systems and with a video camera that can be easily mounted on recreational gear systems and on bikes, it has picked up higher fame in the global markets. 

Garmin also makes products for the aviation and marine markets. 

On the other hand, Harman is forming a flat base with a 115.10 buy point and raised its profit outlook in February. Harman is another manufacturer of the premium care “infotainment” systems from which the company benefits major rebounding, particularly in the auto industry. 

Harman is in the quest of paying $365 million to acquire AMX. AMX builds hardware and software for audiovisual. This equipment is quite handy for use in classrooms, conference rooms, and other settings. This deal of Harman will expand its reach beyond the auto market into multifarious markets where it can focus better. 

Harman and Garmin had the group\'s highest EPS gains in the latest quarter this year, which were supposedly the highest three-year EPS growth rates among the 13 companies in the industry. Both the companies also have two of the three best IBD Composite Ratings in the consumer-electronics group with a ranking of 45th out of 197 groups as of Thursday.