Now Smart Glasses to help people with failing Eyesight

Published Date : Jun 16, 2014

Researchers from the Oxford University claim that they have discovered smart glasses that can help people with severe eyesight loss. 

The technique behind this new discovery is a specialized 3D camera. The images of this camera would be enhanced using computer and processed in real-time on to the lenses so the wearer has a clear and bright definition of the surroundings around.  

The technology comprises of a headset that connects to a laptop in the wearers backpack. Though the setup is a bit bulky currently, researchers are confident that in coming times, the glasses would be made of normal size. Also, the costs could reduce with time and would be soon of the price of a smart phone – quite affordable for commoners. 

But the cost hardly matters for a device that could impart the power of sight. 
The technology is receiving huge response from people who have worn them during the test period. 

The demand is swiftly rising for the technology. The team of researchers is planning to start making the device in initial batch of 100 devices later this year and offering them to blind and partially sighted people for use in their daily lives. If the device works out well in these initial days, production in larger numbers would soon follow in the next couple of years. 

The device could prove incredibly important for blind and partially sighted people as it can offer them great independence and allow them to lead normal lives.