Another Recall from GM in North America; This Time It’s the Chevy Camaro

Published Date : Jun 17, 2014

In yet another recall, General Motors has asked 11,528 units of its Chevrolet Camaro model to be returned by customers for repairs. This recall, effective in North America, will address a defect that has been observed to exist with the driver’s seating position as well as the key ignition. GM, in a statement said that the position of the driver could cause the knee to hit the key FOB, which in turn could accidently move the key out of its run position. The ultimate effect of this defect could be a loss of power or reduction in power.

This issue is especially pertinent to drivers that tend to sit close to the steering column. It was recently discovered by GM during one of its routine internal tests. It comes shortly after the earlier recall in 2014 that was a result of a faulty ignition switch.

According to GM’s vice president of Global Safety, Jeff Boyer, the company has implemented new product safety norms, and the discovery and quick action on this defect reflects the same. The company also noted that it was aware of the three crashes that caused four minor injuries, which were a result of the condition of the vehicle.

This current recall will impact 464,712 Camaros manufactured between 2010 and 2014 in the US. It will also extend to similar vehicles that were exported to markets such as Mexico and Canada. This will take the total number of recalled united to a whopping 511,528. The company will change the key design of the Camaro to a standard one.