Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Puts Big Pharma on Notice

Published Date : Sep 07, 2015

The Vermont U.S.S. Bernie Sanders has said that he would plan to introduce a new legislation to the Congress which will involve putting a halt on the climbing prices of U.S. prescription drugs.

The Senator made a statement to the press on his website recently. He stated that there should be no American that has to be fearful of bankruptcy in the event of illness. Citizens should not have to live without necessary medication simply because the officials they have elected are not being proactive about challenging the healthcare lobby.

The Senator also went on to say lobbying is a huge issue. The U.S. pharma industry as a whole, for instance, has spent nearly US$230 million in their lobbying of the Congress in 2014 alone. This was US$65 million more than that was spent in 2014 by any other industry.

Bernie Sanders made a lot more notes in his proposal, which were based on the current drug pricing scenario in the U.S. this includes the fact that American citizens have to pay the most for any prescription drugs in the world. In fact, they spend twice as much per individual as any other average industrialized nation.

More than 35 million Americans made the decision of not filling a prescription in 2014, simply because they thought that they could not afford it.

A 12.6% climb was witnessed by Americans in their drug prices, which is more than twice the increase in the total medical costs.

Sanders has made it clear that he is outraged by these facts and has stated that the country needs a national healthcare system that puts health ahead of special interests and people ahead of profits.