Top Ten Expensive yet Worth Schools in Shanghai, China

Published Date : Sep 07, 2015

For the Chinese parents, educating their children at well-known school is a priority, irrespective of what the tuition fees are. Families do everything it takes to educate their children. The education sector in China is fast developing with many private and public schools providing quality education. Public schools provide top class education for all of the enrolled students in China. The number of schools providing primary education and secondary education have increased in the past few years. With quality of education being improved, the schools providing primary education and higher education have become a stepping stone for children to plan abroad studies. 

Most of the high-end private schools in all regions of Shanghai, have global background. Schools in China provide internationally accepted degrees and qualification for entry level students and for children seeking higher education. International Baccalaureate education programs are a perfect example. Shanghai, the biggest city of China, has plenty of wealthy elites, celebrities, foreign dignitaries, and rich businessmen. This is the reason why most of the private schools in Shanghai, China, are tailored to specific group of people. With high standard of education and strict admission policies, the schools in Shanghai, China promise to take the education sector ahead in coming few years. 

Some of the international schools in Shanghai, China, accept children with foreign passport. After being accepted, the parents have to make payment of tuition fees of around $32,240 every year. Most of the private schools in this city of China are boarding schools, which offer courses from grades ranging between 1 and 12. A child who is willing to study at a private international school in Shanghai, needs to shed around $322,400. Some of the schools in Shanghai, which has higher annual tuition fees are Shanghai Livingston American School, Hong Qiao International School, Shanghai Singapore International School, Concoridia International School, Shanghai American School, Shanghai Community International School, Harrow International School, Dulwich College, British International School Shanghai Puxi, and Wellington College International.