Ratos to Acquire 60% Share of TFS to Work for Medical Devices, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Companies

Published Date : Sep 07, 2015

Ratos signed an agreement with TFS Trial Form Support International AB (TFS) to acquire 60% of the shares. TFS is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) or a global service provider, which conducts clinical trials for medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies. Out of the total price of the enterprise, which is pegged at EUR 47 million, Ratos will only acquire EUR 27 million inclusive of a maximum additional purchase price.

TFS has the capability offering a wide range of niche services to its clients such as conducting clinical trials in a safe and regulated manner. The company offers contract research services that are inclusive of coordinating and executing clinical trials, analysis of test results, and regulatory consulting. The assignment can range from conducting the whole clinical development program to just delivering selected services in a specific clinical trials. 

The services offered by the company helps in achieving optimal usage of internal resources, which is the key problem faced by the customers. The services are also beneficial for conducting an efficient trial process. As the services help in reducing the time for clinical development they further cut down the time to market, thereby increasing sales.

As the pharmaceutical companies are driving the CRO market is trying to strengthen its core operations (R&D), along with their ability to meet the consumer demands and regulatory framework. TFS’s major clients are small and medium-sized companies ranging from medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors. The trend of outsourcing tasks for clinical trials is a popularly seen among such companies.