Non-surgical Method for Treating Spinal Stenosis Shows Effectiveness

Published Date : Sep 07, 2015

Recent studies have concluded that patients suffering from spinal stenosis experienced effective short term relief, after they received ESI (epidural steroid injections). There have been numerous studies and experiments that have been carried out in order to test the effectiveness of epidural glucocorticoid steroid injections for treating spinal stenosis. 

There have been several clinical trials that have been carried out to examine the effectiveness of ESI for treating spinal stenosis. However, there have been many pain physicians who have questioned the result validity that have been based on study design and also the particular experimental set-up. Quite a few pain physicians have expressed the ineffectiveness of ESI in treating and tackling the problem of spinal stenosis. 

But at the same time, there were those who agreed that this treatment provides benefit only in the short term. A commonly occurring problem that is very painful caused due to constrictive arthritis, is lumbar spinal stenosis. This constrictive arthritis mainly affects the legs and the lower back, which in the long run affects walking. A group of researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine have carried out a series of retrospective cases with the help of multiple techniques using steroids and various types of injections. 

It was then observed that there exists a certain type of epidural steroid injection that proved to be highly effective. There was an NEJM study that was carried out in 2014 for evaluating the effectiveness of lumbar epidural steroids in treating the pain caused by spinal stenosis, and this study catered for the strong variability in the type of steroid and also the injection method. 

Quite a few authors and medical specialists have stated that it is important to come up with large scale clinical trials which should be designed keeping in view the worst degree of spinal stenosis and the use of interlaminal injection for treating that level of spinal stenosis.