Coca-Cola Aims at Replenishing 100 Per Cent of Water Used in Making Beverages

Published Date : Sep 08, 2015

Amid the speculations that food and beverages companies will have to soon deal with water risks that will lead to increased prices of foods and beverages, Coca-Cola, the beverages giant seems to have taken the water insecurity issue quite seriously. The company has announced recently that it plans to replenish all the water it uses for making the beverages by the end of this year. This move is almost five years before the company had earlier planned such a move. The company has said that company’s bottling partners have returned nearly all of the water that was used for making its beverages in the previous year to the environment and local communities.

In the year 2014, the company had used nearly 305 billion liters of water for the production of nearly 163 billion liters of beverages that the company sold across the world. The company had managed to replenish nearly 94 per cent of the water it used in the production of its products last year. Greg Koch, the senior director of water stewardship at Coca-Cola states that a big role in helping the company achieve its goal was played by the scientists who helped the company in crafting its water replenishment initiative across numerous communities of the world.

As a part of the water replenishment project, Coca-Cola has launched more than 200 community water projects across 61 countries of the globe. The projects cover issues such as improving the access to protected watersheds and safe water for drinking. The company has also partnered with many Aid and Development groups such as UNDP, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and USAID to help reach its goals.

The water that is not utilized for the production of beverages is used in other manufacturing operation of the company such as cleaning mixing tanks, pipes, cooling towers, etc