Google May Soon Launch its Online App Store in China Market

Published Date : Sep 09, 2015

Several of Google’s services in China are blocked. However, Google is now communicating with authorities in China and several smartphone makers on opening up an online store in China which will be equipped with applications for mobile devices that are Android powered, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This move is projected to mark a major event for the tech giant Google as it will return to the China market. Google will be able to move its online search service in China. In 2010, after a cyber attack that targeted Gmail users and a conflict over censorship, the firm moved its online search service from Mainland China to Hong Kong. At present, many services of Google such as Gmail, a free email platform are blocked in China.

Furthermore, the Google supported Android that powers a majority of smartphones in the world is now available for free to device makers in China and many other countries in the world. Smartphone manufacturers in China such as Xiaomi are able to personalize their own Android version. On the other hand, players such as Baidu and other Internet companies in China that have app stores do not share their revenue with Google, stated the Wall Street Journal.

After receiving approval from the China government, the firm will open an online play shop that is Google Play for digital content. This shop will be pre-installed on smartphones that are powered from a licensed version of Android and will act as a remedy for the current situation. Google has been busy working on this project for the China market for nearly a year now and hopes that it will soon have the China Google app store on new smartphones before this year ends. However, Google has not yet immediately replied back to an AFP request for further information.